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Art in Radiology

Incorporation of the arts & humanities into radiology can assist program directors, residents, and faculty in support of well-being as well as in fostering DEI, widening of perspectives, and deepening of creativity.  While there are opportunities for involvement in the arts movement within our larger radiological societies, such as the Association of Academic Radiology, the APDR would like to contribute art educational material specific to member needs.

Therefore, as a joint effort, the APDR Wellness Committee & APDR Electronic Communications Committee are sharing arts-related resources here to support programs directors in the incorporation of the arts and humanities into the wellness and educational activities of their programs and local communities.  Additionally, the webpage will serve as a forum for sharing of art created by APDR members to build community and connection.  It will be periodically updated with new resources for programs as well as featured artworks.  Members are encouraged to reach out to the APDR Wellness & Electronic Communications Committees with creative ideas to share in support of this effort.

Lori Deitte, MD, APDR Wellness Committee Chair

Erin A. Cooke, MD, APDR Electronic Communications Committee Chair

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