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Radiology residents often ask their peers, more senior residents, fellows, and faculty for guidance on how to prepare for rotations and what resources are considered most high yield for improving medical knowledge and understanding while on rotation. With this in mind, the APDR has created “Rotation Guides” for the most common rotations that programs provide to their residents. There are three guides for each rotation, one for the resident’s first rotation, one for the resident’s second rotation, and one for the resident’s third rotation (R2 and R3 guides coming soon). These guides contain a prioritized list of top goals and objectives with the associated core competency areas parenthetically indicated at the end of each one. These guides also contain recommended targets for case volumes, suggested reading material and videos for each week on rotation, mid-rotation and end-of-rotation feedback sections, and a “must-see diagnosis” checklist. Given that radiology residency programs significantly vary from one another, these guides are presented as MS Word documents with the intention that they will be downloaded and adjusted by individual programs to meet the unique circumstances and needs of their programs. We also intentionally made them as short as possible while striving to maintain comprehensiveness. We aim to review these every two years in order to ensure up to date content. We hope you find these helpful. 

Hillary W. Garner, M.D.
Chair, APDR Education Committee

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